Qua at Ceasar’s Palace, Las Vegas

Qua Baths & Spa is a stylish spa on par with the world’s most extravagant retreats. Its live-in-the-moment philosophy – “Qua” is Latin for “here” – is reflected in a luxurious atmosphere where guests can relish the moment with an exceptional array of treatments. Qua also evokes “aqua,” or water – the focus of Qua’s Roman Bath experience and healing services.

Bathed in natural light and accented by smooth stone flooring, dark wood and the steady flow of cascading waterfalls, Qua’s atmosphere is ideal for relaxed Social Spa-ing. Reminiscent of the glorious baths of ancient Rome, Qua’s Roman Baths create vibrant gathering spaces that highlight the healing power of water. There will be tea lounges; the Crystal Room, where guests can join friends for customized body decoration with crystals; and a Fitness Center designed for a dynamic workout experience. Plus, in the city’s first Arctic Ice Room, guests can unwind after heated treatments and use ice chips to exfoliate and invigorate while crisp 55 degree air refreshes the lungs.

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The Groupon Madness…is it Over?

With all the groupon, living social, daily candy, etc. etc. madness going on, what has been your experience thusfar? I for one have very mixed reviews. I have had some great groupon experiences, and I have had some terrible ones. The great ones, ironically were usually to retail stores, and did NOT include a service of any kind. The ones that I purchased for manicures, spa visits, hair services etc. were pretty lame, and the experience was such that I would never come back, nor would I recommend anyone…so I ask you this, I’d love to hear some of your great experiences with SERVICES that you received with a groupon!

I have a feeling that perhaps when it comes to service, and promotional items, you sort of have to have a perfect balance in harmony to not let the human aspect of stress, availability, and over booking to not be an issue.

I look forward to hearing from you all!



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